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Terms and conditions

Superfoods B.V.
Spectrumlaan 31
2665 NM Bleiswijk (The Netherlands)

Telephone: +31(0)20 436 02 30
KvK: 54552958 | BTW: NL.851348749.B01

1. Terms of agreement

The following terms and conditions apply to all remote agreements between BV and consumers and between BV and suppliers, and those who buy products in our webshop. We do not give credence to irregularities not acknowledged by our terms and conditions. The language of the agreement is Dutch.

2. Creation of agreement

2.1 The agreement begins the moment the offer is accepted by you, the customer.

2.2 After completing your details, such as the address and payment details, you accept the offer by clicking on the order button. This will be the start of the agreement and you agree to your part of a mutual commitment. The seller is obliged to deliver the ordered product and you are obliged to pay the requested amount via the method of payment chosen by you. 

2.3 If you have accepted the offer electronically and thus placed your order, the seller confirms the receipt and acceptance of the offer by email. Until you have received confirmation of receipt of this acceptance (order), you are able to terminate the agreement and there then no longer exists an agreement between the parties.

2.4 If delivery of the ordered product is no longer possible, the seller will inform you within the agreed delivery period, or in any event within the 30-day legal period. In addition, you have the option of dissolving the agreement free of charge. A different delivery term may be agreed upon by both parties or an agreement may be reached to deliver another product.  
 3. Saving order information

Your order with details of the closed agreement (such as product type, price, etc.) will be saved by us. We can send you the general terms and conditions, but you can also check the terms at any time on our website. We can also send you the archived agreement.

As a registered customer, you can also view the information via the customer login and access your own account (

4.  Correct information

You may edit or correct your completed information at any time before placing the order by editing them or pressing the back button in your browser. We will inform you about further correction possibilities during the ordering process. The order process can also be terminated at any time by closing the browser window.

5. Returns

As a consumer, you have a period of fourteen business days after you receive the product to reconsider the purchase. This period begins on the day after the product has been received by or on your behalf. You may use this time to return the product, or within this period inform us of the fact that you changed your mind about the purchase and will return the product as soon as possible.

If we use a special pick-up service or other kind of service, we will inform you separately. For business buyers, no right of cancellation or returns applies.

You can inform about the return protocol by sending an e-mail to

6. Rights and Responsibilities

6.1 As a consumer, you have a period of fourteen business days after you receive the product to reconsider your purchase. During this period, you, the customer, should be careful handling the product and the packaging. You may only extract or use the product to the extent that it is necessary to assess whether you wish to keep the product. In addition, we expect to receive an undamaged and intact product. In case of damage to the product, we may charge you for this damage or refuse the return of the product in its entirety. You can use the right of withdrawal by returning the product within the stipulated time limit, or inform us within this time limit that you use the right of return, in which you return the product. On our website you will find our contact information.

For business buyers there is no right of return.

After a successful cancellation, we will pay back the amount paid by you within 30 days.


Returns will not be made for:  Products that age or spoil quickly.    

7.  Return shipping costs

If you as customer wish to return a product, you will carry the cost for returning the product/s.

8. Retention of title

We reserve the rights of property for all of our products that are to be delivered or have been delivered until they are paid for in full by our customers.  

9.  Warranty and compliance

When you buy a product from us as a consumer, you are entitled to a good product at all times, as long as you use the product the way it has been intended. If a product does not meet your expectations then we will comply in full with the Dutch Civil Code compliance requirements. In any event, you must contact us within a reasonable period of time after discovering the defect. After your notification, we will investigate whether we can simply fix the problem or replace the product and / or the defective parts. Should this not be possible in the short term or at all, we offer you the opportunity to dissolve the agreement. You will then receive (a portion of) the purchase price from us. 

If we offer a warranty for certain period of time, we will provide free repair and / or replacement during this period. This warranty, of course, is without prejudice to the statutory rights as described above.

Some of our products are also under warranty by the manufacturer. This warranty, of course, also applies without prejudice to the statutory warranty terms that we owe to you as described above.

The warranty on our products regarding business purchasers has been fixed for 30 days.

10. Forum choice 
Our headquarters are in a district with a court that is able to deal with disputes arising from the agreement should you be a professional party seeking further attention.