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Stevia - Superfoodies - 50 grams

A natural sweetener made from the stevia plant. It contains no sugar or carbohydrates making it completely safe for diabetics and ideal for those who are watching their weight or keeping an eye on their blood sugar levels.


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Stevia - Superfoodies - 50 grams

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Stevia powder – the perfect sugar substitute 

Stevia powder is a natural sweetener made from the stevia plant. It contains no sugar or carbohydrates making it completely safe for diabetics and ideal for those who are watching their weight or keeping an eye on their blood sugar levels. 

Product benefits 

  • Has no influence on blood sugar levels, making it perfectly safe for those suffering from diabetes and hypoglycaemia (raised blood sugar levels)
  • Stevia contains no carbohydrates or calories and has a glycemic index of 0, making it an ideal sweetener for those who are watching their weight, actively want to lose weight or suffer from Candida
  • Stevia balances blood sugar levels in an entirely natural way. The leaves of the stevia plant help to both nourish and balance the pancreas (the organ that releases insulin), so that blood sugar levels are stabilised. Stevia also contains numerous minerals that help regulate blood sugar levels, including magnesium, chromium, potassium, selenium, niacin, manganese and zinc
  • Research has proven that the body’s glucose tolerance actually increases after the consumption of stevia
  • Stevia can also prove beneficial for those suffering from hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar levels), as stevia balances blood sugar levels whether they are too high or too low
  • Stavia reduces the craving for sugar, so helps combat excess weight and obesity
  • Can contribute to the prevention and treatment of diabetes, as stevia lowers blood sugar levels
  • Stevia helps lower blood pressure
  • Has almost no aftertaste
  • Safe for teeth 

Suggested Use 

Perfect in your favourite smoothie, shake, lemonade, lassi or herbal tea and as a sugar substitute in biscuits, cakes, tarts and pastries. 


“Mother Nature has already done the leg work, we simply package the results”,  reads the slogan from Superfoodies, thesuperfood brand for those who yearn to feel fit and stay healthy.

If you’re someone who wishes to lead a healthy lifestyle, buy organic products and enjoy regular sports and/or exercise, then Superfoodies is for you! And regardless of whether you’re a devoted superfood fan already, or have only just discovered superfoods and are not too sure what to do with them, Superfoodies make it easy. Superfoodies show just how delicious healthy eating can really be, with their tempting range of ready-made raw food/superfood products (including smoothie mixes and granola) and a selection of delicious recipes. Superfoodies are making healthy eating fun, simple and delicious! 

Superfoodies firmly believe in the power of nature - that’s why each and every Superfoodies product is unprocessed, never heated above 42 degrees (raw food) and certified organic. In addition, Superfoodies clearly communicate the origin of their superfoods, always choose for sustainable and ethical suppliers, are open about their ingredients, and honest about the composition and preparation of their products.

The stevia plant (Stevia rebaudiana) belongs to the chrysanthemum family and  grows mainly in Paraguay and Brazil. Stevia has been used as a sweetener in many countries for many years. In Japan for example, stevia is widely used as a sweetener in soy sauces and beverages, whilst in Brazil it is even used to treat diabetes. Stevia was only approved for use in the E.U. in December 2011, which is perhaps why stevia is still relatively unknown in Europe. Since its approval, more stores are selling stevia as an individual product and manufacturers are increasingly using this natural sweetener in a variety of food products. 

Quantity and Dosage 

Stir a small pinch of stevia powder (0.5 grams) into your favourite smoothie, shake, lemonade, lassi or herbal tea. You can also use stevia powder as a sugar substitute in biscuits, cakes, tarts and pastries. As a guideline, you can work on the basis that ½ to 1 tablespoon of stevia replaces approximately 200 grams of sugar. Stevia powder is 300 times more sweet than sugar, so it’s always recommended to begin with a very low dose. One jar of stevia powder contains 50 grams, so can last up to 120 days, depending on how much you use.


  • The stevia plant is naturally extremely sweet. This is due to the complex molecules, called steviosides, which are present in the plant
  • Steviosides are 300 times sweeter than sugar and consist of glycosides made from glucose, sophorose and steviol. Glycosides are not absorbed into the body and instead leave the body totally undigested, which is why stevia is free from calories
  • There was already an application for the use of stevia as a sweetener in 1999, but the European Commission didn’t approved the request as it was not yet convinced that the product was safe, despite the fact that stevia had already been used in other countries for many years without problems. One suspects that the lobby of sugar manufacturers played an important role in the decision
  • There has been significant scientific research in recent years, which concluded that stevia is completely safe 


Steviolglycosides Reb A 98%



50 grams



Country and continent of origin


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Allergy information

Do not buy stevia if you are allergic to plants of the composite family (Asteraceae / Compositae). This includes ragweed, chrysanthemums, marigolds and daisies. Always read the enclosed leaflet carefully before deciding to use stevia. 

Suggested Usage

smoothies, shakes, lemonades, lassis, herbal teas, biscuits, cake, tarts and pastries


Weight loss, regulates/lowers blood sugar levels, lowers blood pressure

Recommended dosage

Drinks - 1 small pinch

Biscuits, cakes, tarts, and pastries: ½ to 1 tablespoon of stevia replaces approximately 200 grams of sugar

Known side effects

  • Some people who take stevia may experience bloating, nausea, dizziness, muscle pain and numbness
  • Always consult your doctor before you order stevia, particularly if you suffer from diabetes, raised blood sugar levels or low blood pressure, are pregnant or breastfeeding

This product has not been audited or verified by monitoring regulatory authorities. This product is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and / or disorders. 

Additional Information about Stevia - Superfoodies - 50 grams

SKU sufostev01
Application Shake / Smoothie
Goalmulti Weight loss
Brand Superfoodies

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