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Reishi Mushroom Extract, The Mushroomist – 30ml

Contains a high concentration of reishi, a medicinal mushroom valued in Eastern medicine. It is in liquid form, so easy to take in drops.  


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Reishi – the “mushroom of immortality”

Contains a highly concentrated amount of reishi, a medicinal mushroom from Eastern medicine. It comes in liquid form, so it is easy to take in drops.  

Product benefits

  • Very rich in beta-glucan (polysaccharides)
  • Has large amounts of triterpenes
  • Produced following high-tech extraction techniques based on traditional methods
  • Made of sustainably grown eco-friendly organic reishi mushrooms
  • Stabilised as well as taste enhanced with organic maple syrup  
  • Safe for longterm and continuous use  


You may take The Mushroomist’s Reishi Mushroom Extract on an empty stomach by dripping drops on your tongue or stirring the drops into a smoothie or juice. Keep in a closed packet at room temperature.  


Reishi mushrooms (Ganoderma lucidum) belong to the most important elements of classic Chinese and Japanese medicines. In ancient China and Japan people ate reishi mushrooms daily to cleanse their bodies and keep them healthy. Images of reishi mushrooms have been found in Chinese art dating back more than 2 000 years.  

Amount and dosage

Drip daily one pipette (or dropper content) of The Mushroomists’ Reishi Mushroom Extract onto your tongue or stir into your favourite smoothie or juice.   

Did you know?

  • Reishi is used by top athletes and mountain climbers as they believe the mushroom heightens oxygen absorption in the body
  • In China, the mushrooms are called “mushrooms of immortality” due to the life-prolonging qualities.  


Ganoderma lucidum extract and organic maple syrup



30 ml


Liquid in glass bottle with pipette/dropper

Country and continent of origin

 The Netherlands, Europe

Product type

Mushroom extract

Allergy information

You should rather not buy reishi if you are allergic to reishi or other ingredients in the product. Always first read the product information on the packaging before you decide to take reishi

Suggested Usage

Take drops on an empty stomach or stir into a smoothie or juice

Recommended dosage

One pipette

Known side effects

      • In unusual cases, the product may cause a dry mouth or throat, cause nosebleeds, itching, stomach pain, nausea and vomiting and blood in the faeces. If you experience side effects, you should stop using reishi immediately
      • Consult your physician before ordering reishi, especially if you are taking blood thinning medicine (like aspirin or warfarin) or if you are taking medication for diabetes.
      • You should rather not take reishi if you are pregnant or breastfeeding

      This product has not been audited or verified by monitoring regulatory authorities. This product is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and / or disorders.

      Additional Information about Reishi Mushroom Extract, The Mushroomist – 30ml

      SKU mush25
      Suitable for Gluten sensitivity, Lactose intolerance, Nut allergy, Sugarfree diet, Paleo
      Application Supplements
      Goalmulti Detoxification, Immune (Resistance)
      Brand The Mushroomist

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