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Superfood Snack Cacao Nibs/Goji Berries

How to prepare a Superfood Snack with Cacao Nibs and Goji Berries? 

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Unshelled Sunflower Seeds - ORGANIC - Superfoodies - 250 grams

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Raw Cacao Nibs - ORGANIC - Superfoodies - 250 grams
Shelled hemp seeds - ORGANIC - Superfoodies - 250 grams
Goji berries - ORGANIC - Superfoodies - 250 grams

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Cashewnuts - ORGANIC - Superfoodies - 500 grams
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See in below presentation (Dutch spoken), how to prepare this superfood snack:

Put all ingrediënts in the blender and mix it until it became a nice even substance, a superfood snack. 

Ingrediënts available in this webshop:
¼ cup cacao nibs

3 spoons goji berries
2 spoons hemp seed

Ingrediënts (not available in this webshop):
2 spoons cashew nuts
2 spoons raisin
2 spoons sunflower or pumpkin seed

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Superfood Recipes Snacks
Application Snacks on-the-go
Goalmulti Energy

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