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Puori PR3 Protein – 950 gram

A natural, top quality protein powder consisting of sprouted brown rice protein, coconut water and collagen peptides. Ideal after exercise.

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Puori PR3 Protein – a natural, top quality protein powder    

A natural, top quality protein powder consisting of sprouted brown rice protein, coconut water and collagen peptides. Ideal for after exercise.   

Product benefits

  • A natural, top quality protein powder      
  • Made of sprouted brown rice protein, coconut water and collagen peptides
  • Contains a complete amino acid profile
  • Has electrolytes from coconut water and bioactive collagen
  • Ideal for after exercising  
  • Free from diary, gluten or artificial additives  
  • 93% organic
  • Guaranteed GMO-free


Puori PR3 Protein may be added to all kinds of shakes, smoothies, juices, nut milk and rice milk.  


PurePharma is a Danish company founded in 2009. They make supplements that meet the highest quality requirements and are designed to improve health and athletic performance. PurePharma strives to develop the most pure food supplements and that is why all PurePharma products are organically produced and their efficacy is based on the latest scientific research.  PurePharam experts follow scientific developments closely and adjust their products immediately should there be reason to.   

Amount and dosage  

Add 2 measuring scoops (38 gram) Puori PR3 Protein to 350 ml water, juice, almond milk or rice milk and stir until the protein drink is smooth. Mix well or shake until all the powder has been dissolved and drink it right away.  

Did you know?

  • 95% of all protein powders that are available in shops are full of unhealthy additives, like processed and artificial sugars (like aspartame, sorbitol and saccharine), soy, non-organic protein, wheat gluten, preservatives and inferior proteins. Puori PR3 Protein does not contain any of these unhealthy additives  
  • Puori PR3 Protein is manufactured according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and certified with a quality guarantee


Organic rice powder, organic coconut water, natural flavourants, collagen peptides, organic Dutch cacao, organic stevia and xanthan gum.



950 grams


Protein powder in plastic jar

Country and continent of origin

Denmark, Europe

Product type

Protein powder

Allergy information

You should rather not buy Puori PR3 Protein if you are sensitive to one or more ingredients in the product. Always first read the product information on the packaging before taking Puori PR3 Protein.

Suggested usage

Ideal after exercise

Recommended dosage

Two measuring scoops daily (38 gram)

Known side effects

  • There are no known side effects of Puori PR3 Protein
  • Not suited as a meal replacement or as diet food when trying to lose weight
  • Pregnant women and breastfeeding women are advised not to exceed the daily dose and to also get protein from other food sources than Puori PR3 Protein
  • Not suitable for children younger than two years. Children older than 2 years may take a small dose of Puori PR3 once to three times a week.   
  • If in doubt, always first consult your physician before buying products like Puori PR3 Protein  

This product has not been audited or verified by monitoring regulatory authorities. This product is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and / or disorders.

Additional Information about Puori PR3 Protein – 950 gram

SKU pph01
Type Powder
Suitable for Gluten sensitivity, Lactose intolerance, Nut allergy, Sugarfree diet, Paleo, Candida
Application Shake / Smoothie
Goalmulti Building Muscle, Energy
Brand Puori

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