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Bulletproof - Unfair Advantage XS

Unfair Advantage XS contains MCT oil together with active PQQ and CoQ10. The ingredients are contained in easy-to-take ampoules with natural flavours. 


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Unfair Advantage XS - stay sharp for your contest

The true bio-hacker naturally uses a product such as Bulletproof Unfair Advantage XS. This product contains 300mg of Brain Octane oil. A product with active PQQ supplements is better than a regular PQQ supplement. The active variant is not blocked by gastric acid. The Brain Octane oil is a pure MCT (medium-chain triglyceride/fatty acid) oil extracted from coconut oil. The ampoules are easy to take and contain natural flavourings.


-       Delicious fruit flavours
-       Used by bio-hackers, sports players and students
-       No caffeine shakes
-       Better absorption due to the Brain Octane oil.
-       With active PQQ and CoQ10
-       Each box contains 30 ampoules 


The true bio-hacker enjoys Bulletproof coffee and this can be combined with Unfair Advantage. Only the Neuromaster should be taken 20 minutes before the coffee. Bio-hackers and sport players use this product for times demanding top performance, such as an exam or competition. 

Quantity and dosage

Take one ampoule at a time up to a maximum of 4 ampoules spread over the day.


-       Active PQQ supplement is not blocked by stomach acid, unlike regular PQQ supplements
-       CoQ-10 is a co-enzyme that can be produced by the body itself from food. However, with age, the body's own production of Q10 decreases by as much as 80%.


One ampoule contains: 
-       300 mg Brain Octane oil
-       20 mg Co-enzyme Q10
-       10 mg Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ) 

Purified water, glycerine, Bulletproof Brain Octane oil (caprylic acid triglycerides of coconut oil) natural flavours, phosphatidylcholine, palmitic acid, oleic acid, ubiquinone, pyrroquinoline quinone, gum arabic, xanthan gum.


The information in this table provides commercial information about the product: 



120 ml.



Box of 30 ampoules

Country and continent of origin



Product type     


Brain Octane oil

Allergy information       


Always read the product information on the packaging before deciding to purchase Bulletproof Unfair Advantage XS.



When using Unfair Advantage in combination with coffee, we recommend taking the ampoule 20 minutes before.

Recommended dosage  


A maximum of 4 ampoules per day. Take one ampoule at a time. 

Known side effects        


Do not exceed the specified dosage.

Store the supplements in a cool and dark place. 

Always consult your doctor first if you are pregnant. 

Additional Information about Bulletproof - Unfair Advantage XS

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