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Bulletproof - Brain Octane Gopacks

Brain Octane GoPacks contain 100% pure MCT oil made up of medium-chain triglycerides (C8). It is pressed from coconut oil. And packed in a handy travel size for on the go.


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Brain Octane GoPacks – Your travel partner

This MCT oil consists of 100% C8 (caprylic acid) and is made of the most ketogenic part of the coconut. It is pressed with nothing but pressure and refined with water, heat and pressure. The medium-chain fatty acids are used as energy instead of fat reserves. The MCT oil gives fast energy that is not stored as fat in your body. It essentially provides an alternative energy source. 

Ideal to take along

-       100% caprylic acid made of coconut oil.
-       Completely flavourless and odourless.
-       Contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCT C8)
-       Perfect replacement for other oils. 
-       Ideal to mix with Bulletproof coffee, tea or smoothies.
-       Popular with athletes and chefs.
-       Does not cause allergic reactions in people who are hypersensitive to celery, gluten, crustaceans, eggs, fish, lupine, milk and dairy products, molluscs, mustard, peanuts (and peanut oil), sesame seeds and sesame products, soy and soy products, sulphur dioxide, nuts, wheat and wheat products.
-       Suitable for any diet. 


Bulletproof Brain Octane GoPacks can be taken straight, and are also perfect to add to your favourite food and drinks. Add Brain Octane oil to Bulletproof coffee or tea, smoothies and shakes. The oil can be used to make salad dressing, sauces and marinades.  

Quantity and dosing

The package contains 15 sachets. Each sachet contains 15 ml, or one tablespoon, of Brain Octane oil. When taking MCT oil straight, it is recommended to build up the dose starting with one teaspoon per day  

Things to know

-       Brain Octane oil is an improved MCT oil.
-       100% pure C8 caprylic acid.
-       Research has shown that MCT C8 is more effective than other MCT oils on the market.  


8-capryl medium-chain triglyceride (C8 MCT) from coconut oil. 

Summary (always fill in this table as much as possible)

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1 sachet is 15ml




Country and continent of origin



Product type     


Bulletproof Brain Octane oil

Allergy information       






The contents of the sachet can easily be added to meals and drinks such as smoothies or Bulletproof coffee. 

Recommended dosage  


Brain Octane oil can be taken straight. It is recommended to start with 1 teaspoon and to build up the dose gradually.  

Known side effects        


Do not exceed the stated dose.

This nutritional supplement is not a meal replacement. It is an addition to your healthy lifestyle.  

In case of pregnancy, always consult your doctor. 

Additional Information about Bulletproof - Brain Octane Gopacks

SKU bp09
Application Breakfast, Shake / Smoothie
Goal Energy
Goalmulti Energy
Brand Bulletproof

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