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Sprouting dish

A handy sprouting dish made from highly durable material that enables you to germinate seeds at home. The sprouted seeds are ready for consumption after approximately five days


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Sprouting dish – germinate seeds at home 

A handy sprouting dish made from highly durable material that enables you to germinate seeds at home. The sprouted seeds are ready for consumption after approximately five days. 

Product benefits 

  • A handing sprouting dish which allows you germinate seeds at home
  • Made from highly durable material (glass dish and stainless steel mesh)
  • Readily washable and thus extremely hygienic
  • No soil or additional tools required
  • Suitable for the germination of a variety of seeds including: alfalfa, broccoli, peas, millet, chickpeas, coriander, lentils, leeks, quinoa, radish, beetroot, red cabbage, wheat, bean sprouts, fennel and sunflower seeds. 

Suggested use 

Germinating seeds at home is quick and easy with this incredibly handy sprouting dish. Simply sprinkle a thin layer of seeds onto the stainless steel mesh and thoroughly dampen under running water. Next fill the glass bowl with water (to just below the level of the stainless steel mesh) and cover with the mesh. Store the sprouting dish in a dark place (at room temperature) in your kitchen or utility room. Rinse the seeds twice daily. After three days, remove the seeds from the dark, but take care to avoid positions of full sun. After approximately five days the sprouted seeds are large enough to be eaten. 


Sprouted seeds are young plants (of just a few days old) that have recently germinated from their seed. A seed will only germinate if their immediate environment benefits from the correct temperature, light, humidity and soil conditions. A sprouting dish is perfect for the germination of seeds as it creates exactly the right amount of moisture without the need for soil. Sprouted seeds taste delicious in a variety of meals, snacks and drinks, including smoothies, breakfasts and salads and are absolutely ideal for garnishing fish or meat dishes. 

Quantity and dosage 

One sprouting dish is sufficient for the preparation of one portion of sprouted seeds. The sprouting dish is made from durable materials and can therefore provide many years of use. 


  • Whilst sprouted seeds are readily available at many good health food stores, germinating the seeds at home is far cheaper.
  • Almost all edible seeds, legumes and kernels can be sprouted - only the germination time and the flavour varies. Let your taste buds determine your favourites! 


This sprouting dish consists of one glass dish and one stainless steel mesh 



1 sprouting dish


Plastic bag

Land and continent of origin

The Netherlands, Europe

Type product

Non-Food Kitchen apparatus

Allergy information

If you are allergic to certain types of seeds, then it’s also possible that you are allergic to the sprouts of these seeds

Suggested usage

Smoothies, salads, breakfast, lunch

Recommended dosage

Not applicable

Known side effects

Not applicable 

This product has not been audited or verified by monitoring regulatory authorities. This product is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and / or disorders.

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