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Gezondheidsboost - Jesse van der Velde

Gezondheidsboost (Health Boost), the latest Dutch language book from Jesse van der Velde, will provide the kick-start that you need in order to achieve a healthy (er) lifestyle. It contains of 31 clear, concise and "to the point" columns that were previously published at, and includes plenty of practical advice that you can begin immediately applying. Gezondheidsboost is not only a welcome source of support and inspiration; it’s also a handy reference tool that you will refer to time and again.


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De Snelle Superfood Chef

De Snelle Superfood Chef (The Fast Superfood Chef) is a book written by Jesse van der Velde about the positive effects of superfoods. The knowledge you gain can easily be put into practice with convenient and delicious recipes by superfood chef Annemieke de Kroon. Recipes with superfoods but also with “ordinary” ingredients that contain lots of minerals and vitamins. Improving your health has never been this convenient and tasty! 

Product benefits

  • The ultimate guide for those looking for fast, tasty and healthy recipes for every day 
  • The book is a sequel to the bestseller Superfoodrecepten (Superfood Recipes) (2013) by Jesse van der Velde and Annemieke de Kroon
  • A blender plays a big role   
  • Contains more than 100 different breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes 
  • Other themes found in De Snelle Superfood Chef are, amongst others, health gut flora, slowing down the ageing process, detoxing the body and how to get more energy 
  • All recipes are diary and gluten-free  
  • Thanks to the meals in the recipe book, you will be able to get more energy, lose weight, get a glowing skin and improve your immunity 
  • All recipes are easy to prepare  


“Mother Nature has done the leg work, we simply package the results”, that is the Superfoodies slogan. It is a superfoods brand for anyone who wants to be fit and follow a healthy lifestyle. Are you also among the men and women who want to live healthy lives, buy organic products and regularly exercise or participate in sport? Then Superfoodies will be right up your alley! Whether you have been a fanatic superfoods fan for ages or only recently started learning more about superfoods, Superfoodies makes it really easy. Superfoodies will show you that eating healthily can also be really delicious, with for instance, ready-to-mix rawfood/superfood products (like smoothie mixes and granolas) and tasty recipes. To sum it up, with Superfoodies, eating healthy is fun, yummy and easy! Superfoodies believe in the power of nature. 

All Superfoodies products are unprocessed, not heated above 42 degrees (rawfood) and certified organic. Superfoodies are transparent about the origins of our products, we choose sustainable, ethical suppliers and are open about the ingredients that we choose. 

Did you know?

Much more has been proven about the positive effects of superfoods that is generally known. In the bestsellers Superfoodrecepten (Superfood Recipes) and De Snelle Superfood Chef (The Fast Superfood Chef) Jesse van der Velde clearly explains this.


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Book with illustrations




Jesse van der Velde




In Gezondheid BVBA


1st print (Paperback), September 2013

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This product has not been audited or verified by monitoring regulatory authorities. This product is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and / or disorders.

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